REMI AWARD – WorldFest Houston International Film Festival


DAISY did it again!!! A PLATINUM REMI AWARD FOR BEST FAMILY SHORT at the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival. Well done to the entire team!!! Each and everyone of you deserve this!!! Thank you for all your hard work and support over the last 6 years that it too for me to make it : )))


POSTPARTUM went home with Gold Remi Award. Go team Postpartum!!! I am so proud of my entire film crew and cast!!! Especially as there were all amateurs and females!!! You deserve this award for being so amazing!!!

It was a great feeling to have both my short films win an award. To be taking away two awards from one film festival was a very proud moment for me!!! I felt truly blessed.


The great thing about attending Worldfest Houston International Film Festival is that you know you have won an awards before you arrive. They also organise so many fabulous events for the winning filmmakers. When we found out that we had been officially selected and I read that one of the activities was going to visit NASA there was no way I was going to miss this festival!!! Since my obsession with become an astronaut at the age of nine, which lasted a good 3 year, and which caused many hard times for my parents as there were many late nights that I would be practicing in my room staying awake so that I would be ready for my future work in space, I have always dreamt of going to NASA ; ))) Now that’s ticked off the list however I still want to go back!!! It was such a great experience that I definitely plan to go back a few more times in my life, with the boys, but probably when they are a little bit older so that they too go through an obsession of become astronauts : )))13055888_10157023310540314_4808260797989114149_o

I was really blessed to have Daisy screened alongside another brilliant short film. It’s called Moom, it’s animation and it brought a tear to my eye. I wish it were a feature film as it was a truly a beautiful story, one that I feel everyone should see. So do check it out if you get the chance : )))


I had such a wonderful time in Houston, Texas and the film festival was one that I feel is definitely worth attending if you are a filmmaker and your film has been selected!!! Loads of great films, talented filmmakers and loads of fun! I hope to be coming back again soon with more of my films in the near future!!!


Thank you Worldfest Houston International Film Festival for putting on such a great week for us filmmakers and for honouring both my short films with a Remi Award. It means the world to us!!!

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