Final day of a mother who suffers with postpartum depression

Produced by: Nancy Paton

Written by: Nancy Paton

Directed by: Nancy Paton

Length: 9:53 minutes

Sypnosis: Claire lives on a compound in Saudi Arabia where division between her western compound and the wider society increases her feeling of isolation caused by postpartum. Claire lives a rich exotic life, has help at home and a caring husband. However, ten months after labor she still cannot beat the depression that she has no control over.

Postpartum focuses on the day she has chosen to fight her condition whatever the outcome. She try's to interact with others, with the environment she lives in, and most importantly with her son James, but postpartum has taken control of her life and ultimately may end it if she looses the battle.

Postpartum depression is a real issue affecting millions of mothers worldwide, irrespective of their race, religion or socio-economic status. POSTPARTUM is a unique offering, having been shot by an all female crew in Saudi Arabia by women with little or no prior filmmaking experience and we hope that this alongside the subject matter will will help raise awareness to this important issue.

Short Film Officially Selected:
London Independent Film Festival 2016
London Rolling Film Festival 2016
Southend On Sea Film Festival 201
Nightpiece Film Festival 2016
Cyprus International Film Festival 2016
Laughlin International Film Festival 2016
Bridges International Film Festival 2016

Best Actress - Sydney Indie Film Festival 2016
Best Director - Melbourne Indie Film Festival 2016
Gold Remi Award - Worldfest Houston International Film Festival 2016