Desert Rose Films are committed to attracting outstanding female talent to populate our productions both in front and behind the camera. Our aim is to develop creative people and we nurture creativity at every level. There are lots of different roles that contribute to the success of our company.

Broadly speaking they fall into two categories; Production Roles and Business Support Roles. Production roles are normally recruited at the start of every new production and tend to be short-term contracts tied into the production. We hire every role from Production/Floor Runners, to Production Managers, Script Editors Casting Directors, Art Director, Make-up Artists – the list goes on. Most of the business support roles can be found within the HR, Finance, PR, Legal and Commercial teams. We also have administrative roles within all of our creative departments. If you have the skills to make an exciting, new and dynamic film we look forward to hearing from you. Don’t hold back….email HR your CV, cover letter, and in the subject field state what job you most interested in today!

All placements are advertised on our website and are handled by our HR team. We also advertise these via Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter so make sure you subscribe to these so you can be kept up to the date with our latest information on what’s going on at Desert Rose Films.

If you are a female filmmaker living in the GCC we would love to hear from you so please email a cover letter and CV to



We develop ideas for our films internally however also receive them from outside female producers and female writers living in the GCC only. Once we agree to pursue a project, we provide funding and expertise, with the goal of achieving success. We are not accepting unsolicited scripts outside of the GCC region. Please note that we are a small company and as we do not use outside readers are responses may take a while.