As this industry is still known for favouring men, PATON productions is committed to searching for and developing female talent. We want to attract more female individuals who are passionate about film therefore we started the Paton Productions Short Film Program (PPSFP) to attract new female script writes, producers, directors and cinematographers with exiting short film ideas. The first winner of the PPSFP was Marwah Al Mugait. We were trying to find someone who hadn’t had an opportunity to experience filmmaking but who would real have a six sense for it and who would benefit the industry. As you all know, there is a lack of female cinematographers in the world, let alone in the middle east therefore I was hoping to find someone with a good eye for light and an understanding of photography  whom I could help teach the art of filmmaking. Then comes along Marwah and it was clear that she was the one : )))


Marwah is from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and has a BA in Business Administration from King Saud University in 2004. She pursued her postgraduate studies in Photojournalism at the University of Westminster, London in 2012. In developing her photography technique, she has dramatically moved from commercial to conceptual art photography. Her photographs tend to be intimate portraits of stories, providing the audience a confidential glimpse into a private moment. Marwah’s first major photographic series, The Avant Garde Arabia, was exhibited at Art Abu Dhabi and Brunel University, London in 2012.  In the same year, She won the Metro Imaging one-year mentorship for her project The Mood Diary, which examined the issue of mental health in Saudi Arabia, intimately documenting an individual’s battle with bipolar disorder in Riyadh


In her photography, Marwah focuses on exposition: shedding light on matters that people overlook or discard. Her work encompasses a wide variety of themes but embodies the desire to explore the gap between contemporary and old ways of communication. Her work emphasises the fluidity and turbulence by drawing from a wide range of technologies and a heightened sense of awareness, she allows her audience to pay attention to the pauses in human interaction, giving them the space to develop a dialogue with the art. All this combined with her love of film makes the passage to cinematography the next natural step. 


It was truly an honour to work with Marwah on the short film Postpartum. Her eye for light is brilliant and she came up with many wonderful ideas for the film which real blew me away. I’m so proud of what we had achieved together with Postpartum and I do hope to work with her and many more film projects as she is born to be a cinematographer. Congratulations Marwah on the brilliant work you did on Postpartum and officially becoming a cinematographer on IMDB : )))Marwah

We are now searching for the second winner of the PPSFP. Please email with a cover letter, your CV, your script or/and synopsis or/and treatment before October the 31st 2015.

We look forward to receiving your submission and working with you in developing and producing your compelling female driven short film.

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