Estranged by The Remedy – Music Video

Estranged by The Remedy was filmed in just 5-hours, by an ammeter film crew, in the middle of a Saudi Arabian desert whilst I was 3 months pregnant. I will definitely remember this day for many reasons. It wasn’t the best day for filming, and we nearly had to cancel the shoot as 3 people pulled out in the morning, so I was short on assistance, it was cloudy and looked like a sand storm was brewing, however it still was massively way too hot and definitely not a temperature any UK health and safety officer would have allowed a film crew to film in, however that’s the beauty of gorilla filmmaker, you do what your team agrees to do. Thankfully I have an awesome team behind me that believed that we could do it. They might all be ammeters, but boy do they work like pros.


It was a good idea buying my husband a drone for his birthday as he has now become my personal drone operator and I am so proud at how good he has become : ))) He loves playing with this toy and I love having him by my side on shots. Do hope we can do it more often however I doubt he will be leaving his day job anytime soon, but I am so gratefully that we have a hobby that we can share occasionally.


We had to drive in convoy for 2-hours out of Riyadh, off road into the desert to be away from everyone as we didn’t want to be interrupted or have any problems, that in itself was an adventure. Due to heat we planned to arrive at 2 p.m. as there was no way we could shoot anytime before this. We arrive and started shooting at 3 p.m and due to the amazing team work and enthusiasm we were finished by 8 p.m. as planned. Our set designer brought to life my vision with all her helpers who were brilliant at getting everything done in such a short amount of time that we had before the sun started setting. My wonderful actress Olga was up for anything I asked and we really got our hands dirty shooting this one. It is wonderful working with someone so professional. Olga, thank you for getting so close to the fire!!! We only had one shot at this shot and you were a star throughout the entire shoot so thank you for doing it!!! It is still my favourite shot in the music video!


Thank you to The Remedy, Ahmad Hakeem – Vocals and Guitars, James Paul – Bass Guitar and Ehab Medhat – Drums, for letting me take control of their music video and for trusting me with my vision for it. Thank you to the entire team that worked on Estranged with me and brought it to life.Actress: Olga Shribubka. Editor: Emma Gaffney. Colorist: Sharaz Ali.Set Design: Jacquline Cale. Production Manager: Leigh Jane Obermayer. Camera Assistant: Sara Alyafi. Road Crew: Tharanga Wasala. Drone Operator: Richard Paton. Runner Stefan Burch. I couldn’t have done it without each and everyone of you!!! Love you all and cant wait to film the next one. Im thinking its should be in space ; ) hehehehehe


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