Daisy screening at the New Filmmakers Film Festival Los Angeles

My first job was at Hoyts Cinema George Street Sydney Australia on the day I turned 14 and 9 months. That day I started saving for my trip to LA, because ever since I could remember I’d dreamt of working in Hollywood, so I was itching to see it for my own eyes as soon as possible as that was where I would be moving as soon as I finished school. After spending 2 weeks there I realised LA wasn’t the place for me. Even though it was mid July and super hot, the sun or a blue sky never came out due to the smog, we spent more time in our car than actually seeing sights, there were homeless junkies everywhere and it was extremely dirty. My first impression of LA wasn’t a good one however I was only 16 and a tourist so something inside still made me wonder what if. So many of my good friends had moved there and love it, so maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was too young to appreciate it, so when I found out that Daisy had been officially selected for the New Filmmakers Los Angeles I was over the moon as I finally had a reason to go back, and what a great reason to go back for : )))


I went for a week so that I could also find time to catch up with all my friends who had made LA their home. They showed me around town and I finally understood why so many had come here before me and never left. In the 16 years I had not visited so much had changed. The smog had lifted, there were less homeless people and the dirty street weren’t dirty anymore, actually there were so many streets that I feel in love with and would love to live on. Downtown LA which was one a place you would not step into had so many hidden gems. I actually stayed there during my time in town and loved it and felt safe. Its a truly great city but the best thing however was that everyone loved the movies or was involved in the movies in someway. I finally understood why this was the perfect place for us crazy filmmakers and I finally felt that I could call this city home one day.


Daisy was being screening as part of the New Filmmakers Los Angeles directed by women series. I was super excited to be part of this night as they were only screening films made by women. They were celebrating women directors and spreading the word about how important women filmmakers are for cinema. There was no way I would miss this night as it is something that I too believe in strongly. Half of the worlds population is female but movies are still not made by us or for us the way they are for men and more needs to be done to make this change. Equal rights, gender equality, equal pay, diversity are all big topics that were finally being address this this year and things that need to be taken seriously so to have a festival dedicate one night completely to up and coming female directors was a massive step in the right direction for the film industry hopefully all film festivals will take note and start giving us women a chance.


It was a packed house and Daisy was received so well by the LA audience. I was so proud to be up on stage with the other female directors that had been officially selected for this evening as all their films were remarkable. There are so many amazingly talented female directors out there with such great stories to tell and they should all get a chance to tell them the way they see them being told. I was also over moon by how well Daisy had been received by an american audience. I had so many people come up to me afterward wanting to talk about Daisy. I wasn’t sure how the Americans would receive Daisy as it was a British film however they loved it and were so verbal about it which was so nice for a change. It was a great night and a great festival and I am looking forward to going back!!!


It was so lovely to catch up with so many of my old friends who now call LA their home and it was wonderful to have their support at the screening!!! Thank you guys for showing up!!! It meant the world to me to have you there!!! I had such a wonderful time in LA and I can not wait to go back! I can not wait to direct a feature film in one of the big studios ; ))) It’s going to be a while before that happens however i am a lot closer it it than i was when i was a teenager so dreams really do happen you just have to work hard and keep believing that they will and then somehow, one day when you are least expecting them to they do ; ))) 12419335_10156882581765314_8835167485334470098_o

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