What an honour for DAISY to win the BEST FOREIGN FEATURETTE AWARD at the IDYLLWILD INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF CINEMA 2016. It is our first award and what a great one to win and it is an award for the entire team!!! Every single person that was part of the cast and crew did an exceptional job and we wouldn’t have won this award if it wasn’t for the entire team!!! I am so proud to accept this award on behalf of the entire team!!! It saddened me that due to family reason I could not attend the festival this year however our festival manager was there and she raved on about how wonderful the festival and insists that I attend next year with my next film if I am lucky enough to get in ; )))) Looking forward to coming in 2017! Once again thank you to the Idylllwild Film Festival for honouring us with this award and thank you the entire team for all your hard work on the film : )))

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