When I wrote Daisy I always knew that I wanted to give the opportunity for children with EB to act in the film, however this posed difficulty, not only are they ill and might not be able to do the long hours needed on set however none of them had acted let alone been in front of a professional camera, therefore I decided the best thing to do was to organise an acting workshop that would allow the children to not only get to know the cast and crew of Daisy but to also teach them a few basic acting skills in a fun way.


The theme for the workshop was NEVERLAND – A PLACE WHERE ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE. We allowed the children to share ideas and portray the characters that we’ve always longed to be, in a timeless place of our imagination.


The workshop was guided by actor and storyteller Rez Kabir and myself. Rez had experience with working with special needs children and those who have illness or care requirements and feel there should be no barriers for those wishing to participate in arts and creativity.


It took place at the Actor’s Centre in London. The workshop was filmed and will be featured in the documentary which we are filming alongside Daisy titled Maisy and the Making of Daisy. Children who attended were then allowed to act in the film Daisy if they wish. All the kids where keen to do so after the workshop which ran for 4 hours instead of the 2 hours which we had intended for it to run. All the kids, actors and parents where having such a great time that we just kept playing until the Actors Centre kicked up out ; )))) For kids who have never acted they blew us away with their acting skills and their talent. We could have stayed all day with the kids and they aware such a delight to play with and we hope to do it again very soon.


We couldn’t not have pulled this wonderful day off without the support and help from the DEBRA charity who got the kids to trust us and come along for the day, therefore thank you to the team at DEBRA for being so supporting of Daisy. After the workshop the cast and crew really came together as a team and everyone was pumped to turn Daisy into the best film they could!!!


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